Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1-7-2013 Happy

I was mainly going to just do this blog for one year, but then I decided instead of looking for things to be grateful about I would write it down.

My youngest son can get really down about Sundays (and so do lots of people, the end of the weekend can be really sad sometimes).  Monday also if it was a long weekend, can be sad.

But this Monday, the end of break blues seemed to be bypassed.  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, as a winter break last hurrah, and since they had such a good time going to one out in Texas.  After dinner, when it was later time for bed, my oldest one wanted to sleep in youngest sons room, which they hadn't done for quite some time.  He used to have bunk beds but now has a loft bed.  Older one slept on the bed, and younger one slept on a sleeping bag set on top of the couch cushions which I borrowed from the couch.  Even the dog wanted to sleep in the room, so I moved the dog bed into an empty spot.

Younger one said, why isn't this last day sad? (or something like that), in other words, he was happy, and so was I.