Tuesday, September 27, 2016

9-27-2016 Chipping Away

When the list seems overwhelming and you're not sure where to start but you somehow manage to get started and cross one thing off of that to-do list, it all suddenly doesn't seem so bad.
I'm grateful for this "chipping away feeling", it's a little bit of hope to keep moving forward.

Monday, September 26, 2016

9-26-2016 Good Fortunes

Sometimes things line up just right, you look someplace and see something you might have otherwise missed.  I saw a dog named Stella on Facebook and Stella needed a home.  Stella looks like a slightly bigger Sammy (both are Rhodesian Ridgeback mixes).  Something good can happen on any given day, it can be little or big or include a new friend with a wagging tail.  I am grateful for these good fortunes.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 07, 2016 One More Day

Just taking a moment to say I'm grateful for one more day.  My cousin (first once removed) mentioned how my grandma (her aunt) would say this each night when staying at their house.  Always be grateful for one more day, another chance to get it right, make a friend, say sorry, help someone or notice something you never noticed before.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

3-30-2016 Forward Post

Every other post I've done on this blog has been about something for which I was grateful that had already happened.  But, this morning I'm about to go out on a limb and be grateful for something about to happen.  On any given morning where I'm not meeting someone for a run and I don't have a specific morning appointment where I have to get to work at a specific time rather than "at some reasonable time in the morning" I can have some trouble getting up and moving.  Eventually I do, although some time goes by wasted, more time than should, I step out the front door to find the morning waiting for me and it's sometimes cooler or more pleasant than it was inside or there are birds chirping or I'm reminded about something and suddenly the whole morning feels better, different, no longer a chore to get ready and moving but something to be grateful for, just by stepping out the front door and moving forward.
And it happens again and again, and for that I am extremely grateful!!