Monday, April 22, 2013

4-18-13 Bananas

I stopped by my parents house to help them get their car packed up.  My brother was coming down to drive up with my Mom and my Dad was flying out the next day.

It was the end of the season, and as he was going through his list of worries, my Dad mentioned that they would be leaving too soon for the bananas to be ripe.

Bananas?  I knew he had banana plants but I didn't know they had any bananas yet.

We went to the side of the house, I saw them and said "These look ready.  You just cut them down when they are full size."

After cutting down the bananas and setting them aside to be packed up in the car, it was if at least 75% of all of the other problems didn't seem so bad.

Thanks bananas.

4-15-13 Rusty Bellies

My parents were getting close to heading back up North for the Summer.   My Dad had just been through several hospitalizations for heart issues and I hadn't spent nearly enough time with them.

They called me at work and said they going out to eat in Tarpon Springs at a place called Rusty Bellies.  It was right on the water, I had been there once before and they had been there several times and loved it.

I showed up, and just like that, everything felt ok.  As a bonus I had the best, freshest tasting grouper I had had in a long time and had it served as a Souvlaki.

It was one of those moments you wish could happen everyday.

I'm grateful for that unplanned trip to Rusty Bellies.