Saturday, May 6, 2017

5-6-2017 When It turns out much better than you thought

I went running this morning and thought it was not going to be a good run, or at least might not be a good run.  My legs were feeling tired but I wanted to get in at least 9 miles.  The first mile felt hard, I thought I might have to do a little bit of walking.  I stopped a few times and the second mile was still hard but not quite as bad.  I decided I'd run through the 3rd and 4th miles without stopping.  As I ran past 4.5 miles I went one more mile, going a little bit faster until I turned around, and then kept on going faster and faster until the 11th mile was a 6:42 pace - much faster than the first mile which was a 10:00 pace.  I had no expectations that it would be good, but I just decided to try to finish the miles and see what happened.

And it turned out a lot better than I thought it would.

For this time, and every other time something like this happened I am extremely grateful!

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