Friday, April 21, 2017

4-21-2017 Wawa

I was about to try and think for a long time the best thing to be grateful for today, but instead I decided to go with the first thing which is Wawa.  It's clean and probably has the best gas station/convenience store food ever and certainly the best coffee.  I've met up with Jessica there plenty of times on the way to work as it was on the way to her job also.  I remember an early morning stop at Wawa in the Poconos on the way back to the airport after the Marathon.  I sometimes pick up coffee for a guy I work with who grew up in the Philly area and appreciates it when I drop one of at his desk.

There were certainly many more things to be grateful for today, but for whatever reason, I'm picking Wawa today as something to be grateful for!

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